About infrastructure

About Infrastructure

TGS Kurukshetra has a distinctive structure which captivates the first time visitors. It is the new branch of family tree of TAGORE GROUP OF SCHOOLS. Utmost care has been taken for the safety of students in the way school has been designed. The amusing setting of the building accentuates a complete wi-fi enabled structure. Education is a life – long journey and the School realizes the importance of a good start. It is here that the foundation for the love of learning is laid and strengthened. At the Junior School level, the School expects the students to embed the basics and explore the world. They learn to question, analyze, classify and communicate their perceptions. An unconventional system of education is adopted by the School where education is imparted through play-way methods and concepts are taught via origami, clay modelling, sand play and painting. A suitably designed child – centered curriculum based on phonetics, provides the children with a strong foundation of spelling and vocabulary. The entire course establishes and strengthens vital skills like motor and reading skills, language and communication skills, writing and number concepts. Bridging the gap between the nurturing environment of home and the disciplined demands of formal education is the primary goal of the School. Teachers enrich the curriculum through music, art, library and computer programs. The students also learn about the significance of festivals and are encouraged to imbibe Indian values in their lives.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • In today’s world, education is not limited to the walls of classroom. To substitute this, TAGORE GLOBAL SCHOOL believes that children should be provided with ample opportunity to explore and learn through camps and trips so that TAGORIANS  learn to fly high and explore the world.


  • With activities like rehearsing or performing at the Annual Day Celebrations, Independence Day, Republic Day, World Read Aloud Day, the students are well arranged to grow inclusively & multi-dimensionally.


  • For 360 degree development of children, all activities of the school and its programmes, including games, either indoor or outdoor, adventure sports, treks or any other sporting,  co-curricular activities  form an integral part of the curriculum.

Indoor and Outdoor games

  • Sports play an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win. Sports is an integral part of our school’s curriculum. To keep the essence of sportsmanship alive, we at TGS celebrate NATIONAL SPORTS DAY and many sportspersons visited Tagore Global School.

Indoor activities:

  • The school provides separate area (RICK AND ROLL) for a number of indoor  activities like chess, carrom, table-tennis, yoga, meditation ,aerobics, hula-hoops, etc.

Outdoor activities:

Games: Facility is provided for basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Roller and inline Skating, Kho-Kho, Cycling, etc.

Sports and track and field events:  Annual Athletic meet, shot put, discus throw, high jump, long jump , hurdle races, javelin throw, drill etc. are organised  as per the school calendar.